Friday, May 15, 2009

If more TV were this honest, I might watch it

[4:57] Bravely done, David Waldman.


sfmike said...

Thanks for this. Why do so many public, rightwing dickheads wear bow ties, by the way? I wonder what it does to your soul to defend the indefensible day after day.

Mr. Natural said...

Posted at my place with a link back to you. Thank you. Kos TV is great, isn't it?

Nell said...

I absolutely lost it in comments at Digby's in response to the remarks of the woman from the Center for American Progress.

Matt Yglesias has spoken up to disavow her 'just shut up about torture' line as the CAP stance. Somewhat reassuring, but I'm left wondering why, if that's the case, she would be sent out onto national television from an organization that has a boatload of staff (including quite a few with a focus on the relevant issues).

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