Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is terrorism

Today's murder of Dr. George Tiller leads to the question, does this:

Observed at an anti-abortion protest in San Francisco in 2006.

... lead to this?

Not directly, I'm sure. But there's a segment of the anti-abortion movement that has completely taken leave of reality. They are much like the folks (perhaps the same people?) who think the President is a foreigner and a Muslim.

I wish I were more confident that our anti-terrorism spooks were looking at the truly dangerous nutcases running around.


naomi dagen bloom said...

Yes, there is a direct line, Jan. NOW has asked us to wear a white armband on Monday, June 1, to protest this domestic terrorism.

There is no reasoned discourse with people who kill others in the name of their beliefs. For me, they believe in "the right to Death" for those whose disagree with them.

libhom said...

The leaders of the anti choice movement are perfectly aware of the fact that abortion does not involve taking human lives. They lie about it in order to incite acts of terrorism.

Darlene said...

Yes, it's terrorism and the crazies in the anti-abortion movement are so full of hate rhetoric that it does lead to violence.

There are two good articles in today's HUFFINGTON POST about this subject. I urge you to read them. (I would put the links here, but don't know how. Just Google the Huffington Post).

janinsanfran said...

Here's what I think is one of the articles Darlene is referring to: Jeffrey Feldman described "The Politics of 'Murder'".

These people really do think they are responding to wholesale killing of people (AMERICAN people according to this protester's sign) -- so they kill people.

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