Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama hanging on to torture option

The President's political guy, David Axelrod, refuses to say clearly that Obama has given up a Presidential claim to the right to torture. [2:47]


Darlene said...

Sometimes the president has to walk a fine line. He had condemned torture in the past and he now has to keep the radical right from seizing on his words to portray him as weak on security. It is what they do that counts. Lets wait and see if he does allow torture. I do not believe he will.

Nell said...

No, it's not just what they do that counts. It's important to the restoration of the rule of law that Obama say clearly to the American people that it's not up to him whether or not we torture -- that it's forbidden by law.

Instead, he seems taken with the role of benevolent king.

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