Saturday, May 02, 2009

Some gratitude might be a good idea

Plaza in Mexico City, summer 2006.

Laurie Garrett of the Council on Foreign Relations and a well-known authority on emerging infectious diseases ... made a very important but little appreciated point. Mexico has made a major national sacrifice for global public health by shutting down its country and interrupting transmission of disease. The cost to Mexico has already been enormous[;] it will continue to pay in other ways. ... There will continue to be a halo of risk and danger for an indeterminate time. And there will be the inevitable backlash against the government's actions, which went from cold to scalding hot in a week.

... The irony is that the overreaction backlash will be more severe the more successful the public health measures are.

Effect Measure - a public health blog

Public health measures succeed when "nothing happens." This is awfully difficult to sell in a 24-hour news cycle culture.

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sfmike said...

Brilliant insight. Gracias a Mexico.

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