Monday, November 02, 2009

A snippet of the hidden is revealed

Last week when the President signed the Defense bill, he also was enacting the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Law, a truly epic progressive victory for LGBT people. The measure had been attached to the big war spending bonanza.

Also hidden among the weeds in the "Defense" law was another juicy item: an exemption from the Freedom of Information Act covering photos of prisoner mistreatment dating from 2001-2009. The Secretary of Defense (War) now can hide pictures from that era even if a court has ordered them released.

The torture regime thrives on such secrecy. To break down its lies, the ACLU has provided this set of interviews with former Guantanamo detainees now resident in the United Kingdom in a video titled "Justice Denied." They are remarkably articulate and well spoken young men.

"'s like asking a woman who has been raped when her life got back to normal. Never."

"...I want humans themselves, the good people of in America which I've met many of, to realize how in their names those ugly people have done all of it..."

[9:30] Utterly worth watching ...
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