Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Budget short takes:
Am I just being mean about Pete Peterson's Foundation?

I don't think so. David Walker of the Peterson Foundation seems to endorse debtors' prisons for citizens who get in over their heads to the financial bloodsuckers.

Only :31 seconds -- watch it. I stand by the previous post. These people are scary.

H/t Rortybomb.

CORRECTION: I originally, inaccurately, confused the "Peterson Foundation" where Mr. Walker is the big cheese, with the Peterson Institute which seems to be an advocacy outfit for the kind of "free trade" that has devastated Mexican farmers leading to massive undocumented immigration here, while sending U.S. manufacturing overseas. This is not the same as advocacy for squeezing the U.S. poor to benefit the U.S. rich in the name of "deficit reduction." It is another prong of the perennial crusade by the privileged to hang on to what they have by extracting more from the less fortunate. I have corrected the post.

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