Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oddments from the road

Driving around U.S. western states (bits of California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado) I'm seeing a great deal of natural beauty. Future posts will share some of those photos.

But just as much fun are the oddities of the road.

This purple-coated toreador with golf club and shades turned up in Truckee, CA.

A women's bathroom at a truck stop in Nevada offered this selection. Get your condoms and essential oils cheap.

Wendover Will let us know we'd come to his Nevada town.

The No Worries Cafe outside Park City, UT really was a welcoming place.

I might have felt some sympathy for this business in Walsenburg, CO -- except that it was a Carl's Jr.

The builder of Bishop's Castle in southern Colorado is carrying on an argument with building codes, liability laws and the government in general while erecting his odd obsession.

What's it for? Nobody but possibly Jim Bishop knows. What interested me was that this outlaw edifice appears on many road maps.

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