Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Education in progress at Cal Berkeley

Students tried to set up a tent encampment on campus Wednesday afternoon. The administration was having none of it.

Student tuition and fees have risen for six straight years. The university has plans for another 9 percent hike in the fall.

Student Lark Omura captured students' fury as she screamed at the crowd: "We just spent trillions of dollars on the war, and the politicians tell us we have no money for education! When they tell us there's no money, it's a lie!"

San Francisco Chronicle, November 9, 2011

Sure there's money. But the 99 percent don't get to have any of the benefit of it.

I have to admit the sight of police batons on Sproul Plaza takes me back -- it is no joke to get whacked while trying to speak out.

Photo by Tony Zhou of the Daily Cal.

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