Sunday, November 13, 2011

Noted on my morning run

Love people.JPG
Plodding through my gritty urban neighborhood, this caught my eye.

I have to admit, I mentally inserted a semicolon in the middle of the second phrase, as feeling more true to the ironic spirit of the 'hood.

Have I perhaps been working too hard?


Ronni Bennett said...

"Love people. Cook them; tasty food"

Great, good laugh for me this Sunday morning.

SF8 Webster said...

Of course you've been working too hard -- there was just an election! And not to interfere with some well-deserved r&r, will you share any analysis of it?

Civic Center said...

I automatically put in a period after the them and capitalized the "T" in tasty rather than inserting a semi-colon, but yes, that bumper sticker was either clueless or very sophisticated.