Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yes, you can train a cat!

Feline agility events began about a decade ago when two couples who met on the cat show circuit went out to dinner and started talking about the tricks their cats did. They modified some dog agility obstacles and showed them to their cats; from there, a group called the International Cat Agility Tournaments — or ICAT — was born.

“When we first started it, everybody said, ‘Train a cat? Impossible!’ ” said Shirley Piper, left, one of the four founding members. She and her partner, Kathy Krysta, right, live in Riverside, Calif., with their 20 cats, which they train regularly.

The New York Times offers a photo slide show on serous cat training. Go take a look at the whole thing.
I'm fighting a rhinovirus today. Nothing deeper than this will come from me.

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