Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Mime Troupe in Dolores Park

Summer is truly here -- the San Francisco Mime Troupe performed today in Dolores Park. Mirabile dictu, it was warm and sunny. (Too often the fog sweeps in.) The show drew a terrific crowd.
mime troupe crowd.jpg
I'll let the Mime Troupe describe this summer's offering:

For the Greater Good, or The Last Election

Pity the poor 1 per cent. Abused in that sliver of press they don't own, condemned in the streets by a rabble who don't appreciate the benefits of being trickled down upon, and raked over the coals by the few politicians who aren't lined up to kiss their wealth and power. Talk about an oppressed minority! Finally, someone is stepping up to tell the story of these steaming sacks of benevolence as the San Francisco Mime Troupe presents For the Greater Good, or The Last Election, a tale that will warm the heart of every billionaire. Based on the classic 19th century melodrama The Poor of New York, the Troupe turns the story on its head, telling it from the point of view of the misunderstood Godzillionaires who have made this country what it is today: broke.

This show was not the best effort I've seen. The sound system was grossly inadequate to reaching an audience of this size; too often, the play narrated its themes rather than showing them.

But seeing the Mime Troupe means summer has arrived to thousands of San Franciscans ... when the weather cooperates, it's a satisfying ritual.
mime troupe.jpg

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bjohanna said...

It's been years since I've seen the Troupe. Jealous. Keep trying to plan our trips to the Bay Area to catch a performance.

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