Sunday, July 08, 2012

Murder Victim Families Speak Out About the Death Penalty

Laura Webb was murdered in the most deadly shooting in Orange County history, the Seal Beach hair salon rampage that left nine dead in October of 2011. Her sister, Bethany Webb, recently told assembled reporters that she can't even say the name of the man, Scott Dekraai, who's accused in the massacre.

"I'd appreciate it if no one did," she said. "It just happened. I'm still raw."

The trial in the case is set for October, but that delay is the least of her worries. Already having been to court seven times, Webb said she has 25 years of trials, testimony, and appeals in front of her. That's because the prosecutor in the case said he plans to seek the death penalty for the man accused of murdering Laura and eight others, and seriously wounding Webb's mother, who was getting her hair done by her daughter when the gunman opened fire.

"You can do me and families of all the innocent the courtesy of passing the SAFE California Act ..."

KPCC, Southern California Public Radio

Read more stories from victims family members supporting the SAFE California Act at this link.

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