Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is Mitt Romney a sociopath?

When, a few months ago, I wrote about a biography of Mitt Romney written by Boston Globe reporters who had followed him since his days as Massachusetts governor, I felt I had to emphasize that I found the book "fair," "not a hit piece."

This video is a hit piece. It's purpose is to share with us what a cold, calculating, empathy-denying specimen of humanity Mitt Romney acted like when confronted by women whose story makes the case for gay people's need for the legal protections of marriage. It is harsh -- and, assuming it is true, Romney's lack of human concern for the women in front of him makes him come off as a sociopath, a robotic, self-interested man without normal feelings for those he meets.

I can't say whether this is fair, but I find it completely believable. Watch and consider.


Rain Trueax said...

Everything I read or hear about him makes me think he's a sociopath, raised to believe he mattered more than anybody else hence all the blatant and often pointless lies. He might be the scariest man to be close to being president of this country and that should scare all of us who value progressive values enough to donate and work for it not to happen.

Kay Dennison said...

After seeing this video, I say an emphatic "YES!!!" And yeah he scares the hell outta me!!!

Tess Hoffman said...

This is the first time I have "Googled" "Is Mitt Romney a sociopath?" I had never before thought that there would be any literature out there, had thought that I was the only one who got cold chills watching and listening to him. When he was confronted with the story about fastening his dog to the top of his car and driving with him 600 miles - and his own son told the "funny" story about the dog getting sick and the dad hosing him down in a filling station before getting back on the road, all MR said to the press was, "It was a completely airtight kennel. I wasn't familiar with that Massachusetts law. I didn't know there was any problem with that, in terms of the law." When the men who participated with him in the physical assault of a fellow student at Cranbrook school told the press - to a man! - that they had never stopped being haunted by what they had done, MR said "I participated in a lot of hijinks and pranks during high school and some may have gone too far. And for that I apologize. Back in high school, you know, I did some dumb things. If anyone was hurt by that or offended by that, obviously I apologize. But overall, high school years were a long time ago."
I realize I am writing on one blog, but you are one of many who have said what I have been thinking. Mitt Romney is a classic example of a sociopath who grows up in a highly controlled society. They stay within the rules as they know them, but their moral elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor. They really don't get it, but they are incapable of knowing that there is something to "get."

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