Friday, May 03, 2013

All mixed up

This played during an NCIS episode last week. While I'm skeptical that CBS Cares, I laughed out loud with delight. Maybe you've seen it, but I hadn't. Go ahead and watch -- it's only 11 seconds.
When I checked out the clip on YouTube, the comments brought me up short. A sampling …

… this is [sic] extemely racist. i don't squint my eyes and talk in broken english when i order [sic] oriental food.

… I believe, if "Race and Gender" were taken out of College and Job Applications, we would no longer have the problem of being "Denied a Job Due to Race and/or Gender". And "Diversity" would no longer be an excuse because if they were hired strictly for "Experience", there should be no problems. Am I right?

Yes, I agree. Thats why Affirmative Action should be ended....too bad we can't go back to [sic] juding people based on their content of character instead of giving minorities preferences through government mandated racial and gender quotas...what good is it to give someone a job that they aren't qualified to do just [sic] beause they bring 'diversity' to the workplace?

Evidently this innocuous, slightly silly, little video pushes somebody's buttons.

Let's see -- is the trigger anti-Semitism? Misogyny? Bias against Asians? All of the above? Probably the last. If you are like me, you don't run across the raw form of this stuff very often. We're going to have to get over this stuff; we live in a scrambled world where delight is more adaptive than resistance.

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Hattie said...

Why not? I liked the clip. It's making fun of stereotypes, not feeding into them.

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