Thursday, May 02, 2013

May Day 2013, San Francisco

I feel incredibly fortunate to live in a city where immigrant workers have combined with the best elements of the labor movement to invigorate what much of the world celebrates as International Workers' Day -- May Day.

2immigrants rise -lead banner.jpg
A crowd of at least 1000 marched down Mission Street to Civic Center on Wednesday afternoon.

3smiling purple marchers.jpg
The glorious sunny weather helped evoke broad smiles to go with political demands

4women marchers.jpg
Comprehensive mmigration reform was the agenda.

5no more false borders.jpg
Around here, borders seem just impediments to our humanity. Marchers want a real reform based on stopping deportations, a path to citizenship for all the 11 million undocumented, and full workers' rights for the immigrant, mostly low wage, work force.

6No LGBTQ exclusion.jpg
Folks knew there was one vulnerable population whose immigration needs aren't even recognized in the legislation that may be considered in the Senate.

7end deportations.jpg
What anti-immigrant agitators never understand is that there is no meaningful difference between folks who happened to successfully navigate the legal immigration maze and their relatives and friends who cross borders without permission. They all come for work and a better chance for their children, just like those of us whose ancestors have been here for a long time.

8workers rights!.jpg
Like everyone else, they need legal rights in the workplace.

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