Saturday, May 04, 2013

Saturday scenes and scenery: birds under foot?

wounded dove.jpg
This brown dove was huddled on our front stairs one morning. I wondered if she was injured.

sitting pigeon.jpg
Having encountered one grounded bird, I started noticing that the situation is fairly common. This pigeon let me within two feet of her.

pigeon-red eye.jpg
This bedraggled creature was a little more shy, but not much.

nesting on a concrete slab?.jpg
This pair, encountered in the bowels of an underground parking lot, left me wondering whether we're really causing pigeons to find it adaptive to nest on concrete?

street stomping duck.jpg
The Mission District's ubiquitous sidewalk stenciling artists have added this bird. A stomping duck?

These photos are by-products from my photoblog project: 596 Precincts -- Walking San Francisco. If intrigued, take a look and sign up for sporadic email updates.

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