Friday, October 04, 2013

Elizabeth Warren speaks for me on the shutdown

... we're not a nation of quitters … this democracy has already rejected your views…a political minority that hates government begged for this shutdown. Their day will pass; we will return to the tasks that we have chosen to do together ...

Okay, I'm an old white lady too, so maybe I'm just identifying with one of my own kind. She's not elegant or fancy. She is, however, really smart and really articulate. The Massachusetts Senator is a keeper, a politician who can explain what most of this country wants in words we can understand.

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amspirnational said...

Since you mention the subject, I would tell you, Elizabeth Warren would be an admirable person for whom an old lady should vote for president.
But Hillary Clinton, who indeed is corrupt, (warmonger and NAFTA supporter selling out the working class, two strikes and you're out) would not.

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