Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Offline today, abruptly

Morty failed to protect my laptop from a sneak thief who apparently slipped in an unlocked door while we slept and grabbed the one obvious thing of value.

This post is evidence that I'm very well backed up, but the experience of night intrusion is scary and disconcerting. It may take a few days to resume normal communication.


Rain Trueax said...

That has to be scary and disappointing. I like locked doors even out here in the country where it's unlikely anybody will come by or try to get in-- although there have been burglaries but generally someone local.

Classof65 said...

My sympathy to you for the recent intrusion. It has happened to me and it is creepy.

janinsanfran said...

The police actually turned up to take a report (for insurance) and were as mystified and concerned as we are. I'm lucky to be able to get up and running again, but a little shaken.

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