Wednesday, October 02, 2013

It's an ill-wind that blows NO good ..

A KKK rally at Gettysburg battleground is canceled because of the government shutdown. So far, this is the only positive news I've seen about the Republican attempt at minority nullification of U.S. democracy.

Meanwhile, if you don't like what Republicans are doing, take a look at New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza's map of where what he calls the "suicide caucus" resides. These people live in an old, rural, white United States that is representative of only 18 percent of us. Those of us who live somewhere else need to identify anywhere in this hinterland where we can shake some people up and put our shoulders to wheel. We can't afford, literally, to just wait til these people die off.


Hattie said...

True. But a problem I just became aware of is that lack of cooperation in the Southern states is going to hit poor blacks pretty hard.

janinsanfran said...

Yes -- that's exactly why every time some of us begin to feel that some latter day Southern secession would make a better country, we have to realize that we'd be screwing the descendants of slaves. Fully 57 percent of African Americans live in the old South -- up from 53 percent in 2000. USAToday.

Young people of color (Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and other) are approaching 50 percent of the whole Southern population.

Times are changing, but not fast enough for a lot of people.

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