Monday, October 07, 2013

Remember that war in Afghanistan?

An Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier assigned to the Mobile Strike Force Kandak prepares to fire a RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher during a live-fire exercise supervised by the Marines with the Mobile Strike Force Advisor Team on Camp Shorabak, Helmand province, Afghanistan, May 20, 2013. Photo ISAFmedia Flickr photo stream

Looks like the United States may be drawing down more thoroughly than our imperial leaders had projected. It turns out, Afghans don't want armed U.S. forces wandering their country after the main force drawdown. According to the New York Times. President Karzai is unwilling to sign an agreement allowing our military to operate in the Afghan countryside after the end of 2014.

Ultimately, though, the issue is one of sovereignty, Mr. Faizi said. American-led forces have killed civilians in dozens of attacks, he said, and Afghanistan has concluded that foreigners cannot be trusted with the lives of innocent Afghans.

“After 2014, will any foreign military be free to go where it pleases and operate the way it pleases in Afghanistan?” Mr. Faizi said. “The answer is no.”

They think its their country. Since we're not willing to fight to occupy it in perpetuity (why would we?), they'll take it back, thank you very much.

This is what happened in the end in Iraq as well. The Iraqis took Iraq back. This country has had its fill of occupying other people's territories, however effective we've been at killing, maiming and displacing when we did blunder about them.

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