Friday, January 02, 2015

A straw in a howling wind of horror

If there's one thing I learned from tagging along on Erudite Partner's book tour about torture all summer, it was that it takes courage to learn and internalize the terrible knowledge of what our government does to human beings it considers proper subjects of inhuman treatment. People who came out to her events displayed an unusual willingness to tolerate learning awful truths. Most of the time, most of us would rather not know.

Hence it is welcome news that the print edition of the Senate Torture Report, the semi-official, much redacted record of what the C.I.A. did (does?) in our name, seems to moving well in the market. A small publisher decided it was worth turning the government's unwieldy PDF into a book.

... indie publisher Melville House said that they have shipped out nearly all 50,000 copies in their initial print run.

Bookstores large and small from and Barnes and Noble to independent stores ... put in orders with the publisher for print copies of the books, Melville said.

Washington Post

Can't hurt worse; might help. The book is also available direct from the publisher.

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