Friday, January 16, 2015

SF legal community stages a die-in because #BlackLivesMatter

Several hundred lawyers and friends braved disruptions -- which BART (the subway system) called "civic unrest" -- over its address system to show their support for the movement to end police violence this morning. They filled steps outside the California Supreme Court on McAllister Street in Civic Center.

After a minimum of speechifying, the crowd lay on the steps for 15 minutes, four and half minutes to replicate the 4 and half hours that Michael Brown's body lay on a street in Ferguson, the balance in respect of Eric Garner's eleven dying pleas for New York cops to remove their choke hold.

Hearing the taped voice of Eric Garner while lying on cold concrete has moved me the several times I've participated.

The event was one of a calendar of protests calling for communities to rededicate themselves over the Martin Luther King weekend to the radical pursuit of justice.

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