Thursday, January 29, 2015

Flushing Afghanistan down the forgetery

Afghans are still dying; U.S. troops are still dying. The U.S. taxpayers are still paying for it.

But what we get for our money is now classified.

In late December, as they do every few months, American military officials in Kabul sent a trove of data to the office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction for its quarterly report. Over the years, such figures have told an often dispiriting story about Washington’s enormous investment in the country’s security forces, laying out their size, readiness, attrition level and the state of their infrastructure.

Five days later, military officials followed up with an unusual request. Commanders in Afghanistan informed the inspector general’s office that they had decided to classify the bulk of that data. The decision came after the military, late last year, classified a periodic report that the inspector general has used over the years as the primary source to assess the state of Afghan forces. ...

The excuse for making the report secret is that revealing what they are doing with the money will help the enemy (whoever that is.) It will also go a long way toward protecting the incompetent, the inept and the merely corrupt.

But hey, that's the signature feature of this empire's phony wars.

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