Sunday, January 24, 2016

Perfect image from today's football game

How often do we get to see such exploding joy? It will be easy to root for Newton in the Super Bowl.


Brandon said...

We can all be glad Tom Brady and Bill Belichick won't be in the Super Bowl. #peytonslasthurrah? #peyton #deflatedballscandal

Brandon said...

I'm rooting for Peyton. I couldn't care less about the Panthers; think it's too bad the Titans and Marcus Mariota didn't get too far this season; and am very glad Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers flamed out.

janinsanfran said...

Being a 49ers fan, I'm mildly inclined to the Panthers as part of the NFC. On the other hand, I have many friends who care about the Broncos and there is something magnificent about Manning's last turn of the wheel.

FWIW, I also have a soft spot for the Patriots because they have more than once in the last decade knocked down the 49ers' major foes in the division: the Rams and the Seahawks.

And I feel terrible for Mariota going to a franchise which can't manage a quarterback's development. We know about that around here; we have that problem too.

It's all pretty convoluted and enjoyable because it doesn't really matter ... :-)

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