Saturday, January 02, 2016

Saturday scenery: faces of the city and beyond

Once you start looking for them, it's amazing how many visages are looking at you from surfaces in the city.

Some are mere doodles ...

Some are someone's art ...

And some are decorative. I wonder, is this someone's household guardian sprite?

Now he's not threatening.

And she's lovely. Why do I assume the proper pronoun is "she"?

And she/he is a little absurd.

This supportive character looks anxious.

There's a curious fellow. Why do I think this is a fellow?

Nice use of line.

This one is from afar ... nearly to Stinson Beach on the Dipsea Trail.

And this lost creature was in the Tennessee Valley in Marin County.

This haunting countenance was truly far afield -- outside the harbor town of Kotor in Montenegro.

Most pictures from Walking San Francisco.
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