Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Did the Women's Marches really serve to activate resistance?

Survey Monkey is one of these online polling outfits that function by attracting millions of volunteers willing to answer all sorts of questions -- mostly consumer preferences, but also political and social issues. (I took part in the YouGov version of this kind of polling during the election season to get a sense of this methodology, but quit after November.) They collect demographic information on participants -- age, race, sex, education and geography -- so they can weight responses to approximate the population at large.

In their January 26-30 national survey, they asked their pool whether they had attended or paid attention to the Women's Marches across the country. Six percent of their interviewees claimed to have attended. And, as the chart here illustrates, they came away energized to keep working for their vision of a better future than that on offer from Trump and the GOPers.

Survey Monkey has posted an interesting inquiry into whether their findings really do show that the Women's Marches signaled a strong level of activism going forward. They are confident they've captured signs of strong commitment to ongoing activity.

Resist and protect much.

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