Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ICE on the march

Damn -- these ICE agents look as if they got their idea of their job from NCIS or some other TV police procedural drama. And the hell of it is, they probably did.

The real meaning of Trump's immigration order is that federal agents will feel free to act out their martial fantasies in the lives of brown people with accents -- and we'll have to see whether the lawyers and the courts can curb them. Meanwhile, people of conscience -- of all colors and statuses -- will impede as we can. And offer kindness when we can to our neighbors.


Hattie said...

You have to be well armed when confronting vicious Mexicans!

joared said...

Given news reports today of an airline's passengers being told to present their I.D.s before deplaning -- then there was involving police in rounding up criminal illegals but taking others allegedly without truthful disclosure of their full actions -- having word "Police" on uniforms -- undermining trust for local police in our communities ---- seems Feds are escalating force.

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