Thursday, February 09, 2017

One last football moment ...

Some New England Patriots have chosen to #Standforsomething. From Color of Change:

By refusing to visit the White House, Martellus Bennett, Devin McCourty, Dont’a Hightower, and Chris Long are making a bold rebuke of a racist, misogynist, and unqualified President who is hellbent on destroying our already marginalized communities and snatching human rights away from anyone who is not rich, white, and male.

And this bold stance shouldn’t be taken lightly. These players stood up for justice and equity and against racism and misogyny--possibly jeopardizing their relationships with both their teammate, Tom Brady and team owner, Bob Kraft who are both close friends of Donald Trump. And they’re taking a lot of public criticism for standing against Trump--even though Tom Brady deliberately skipped the White House visit when Barack Obama was president, citing a vague “scheduling conflict.”

Patriots players against a Trump presidency shouldn’t face a different level of scrutiny than Tom Brady. They have the right to refuse to interact with a President who is fundamentally opposed to everything America stands for.

Something is happening when athletes step out of their constricted role as objects for our prurient consumption. These men have taken a risk with their brief careers, knowing this was their moment. Admirable.

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