Monday, April 10, 2017

Loving this chart

A consumer research outfit has looked at the Great Cheeto's effect on his brands. The results are not pretty as NBC reports.

Generally speaking, in early 2017, a presidential endorsement of a good or service is more likely to cause a boycott or a slump for that product than to create a bump in usage or sales.

What's going on? "We know Trump is a very polarizing figure, but these data suggest that the people who don't like Trump feel much more strongly about it than the people who do like him," Steven Millman, chief scientist at Simmons, said.

... "A strong association between Trump and a brand is likely to be damaging to the brand, unless its consumers are strong conservative," Millman says. We'll explore those implications more in the coming weeks.

The Simmons data also suggest that businesses with CEO's who publicly support Trump may be penalized by consumers.

We don't have to wait the market researchers to figure this out. Let anywhere you see Trump junk for sale know -- and maybe get the app for that.

Resist and protect much.

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Hattie said...

Trump junk. Uh-oh. I am having unpleasant visuals here.

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