Sunday, April 02, 2017

Resistance activism data

A couple of weeks ago I plugged Daily Action as a convenient tool to nudge us to afflict our elected representatives. I've been using this service, though sometimes I don't feel the targeting works that well for me; after all Nancy Pelosi is my Congresscritter. Instead asking her to vote against Republican atrocities, I'm more likely to cheer her on about keeping her caucus united against the Great Tangerine. On the other hand, my senior Senator -- that's Diane Feinstein -- always needs a buzz. This tool is not perfect, but it makes staying on a calling program simple.

Daily Action has shared a poll of its users from Lake Research which has some data from 28,000 of its 250,000. Researchers emphasize that this is just a snapshot of those who responded to a text poll and that it was taken March 17-20.

We live just about where you'd expect us to. But where are the guys? They have phones too. Those of us who live in reliably blue areas need to think hard about folks who live elsewhere who might want to get active if they received encouragement.

Healthcare was on the chopping block when these opinions were collected; still its prominence is notable as is the concern for climate. I could wish immigration was higher since that was my response, but evidently not so much so.

The answers to this one come closer to my concerns. My overriding issue is the Trump regime's intent to Make America White Again (MAWA) and to undermine the rule of law in any way they can (lots!) Naming Bannon seems a stand in for that. Apparently those fears are widely shared.

Resistance in as many arenas as possible -- against the Republican project to turn the country utterly over to the super-rich; against crony corruption; and against demagogic authoritarianism -- is needed on all fronts at once. We don't know which will matter; any impediments we can create are worth effort. Resist and protect much.

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