Monday, April 10, 2017

What Mission fires have uncovered

Two massive fires have incinerated nearby landmarks in the last two years, at 22nd and Mission in January 2015, killing one tenant and displacing over 50 people and at 29th and Mission in June 2016, where 58 tenants and neighborhood anchor Cole Hardware had thrived.

Suddenly there were gaping, painful holes in the neighborhood. Was this arson or just ancient wiring gone bad? Did the fires have anything to do with gentrification -- or is it just an accident that the old buildings will presumably be replaced by more glass and brushed steel condos?

The burned structures were demolished. And then, this winter, the rains came and the sites became muddy ponds.

And then, official looking signage appeared on the surrounding fence.
Click to enlarge and read. Here's the pond at 22nd Street.

Further south at 29th Street, even more deeply buried relics lurked

Who knew what lay hidden underground?

Apparently Cody's Haus of Qwert: Design Haus of Magic Printing knew.

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