Wednesday, May 30, 2018

DA has declared open season for SFPD shooters

Relatives of two men killed by officers of the San Francisco Police Department held an angry, gut wrenching press conference yesterday to denounce District Attorney George Gascon's decision not to prosecute the shooters.
Standing with her attorney John Burris, Gwen Woods, mother of Mario Woods, spoke from her heart.

"I heard them say they had to stop Mario, no they didn't because they just went ballistic with the gun when our babies were coming home from school,"

"I love that kid and he's worth me fighting for, he was the best of me."

... "I will never let you forget his name, Mario Woods, Mario Woods, Mario Woods!"

ABC Channel 7 news

Jose Gongora Pat, the brother of murdered Luis Gongora Pat, also poured out his anguish. Two officers drove up to where Gongora Pat was sitting against a wall and within 30 seconds had pumped six bullets into the Mayan homeless man.

"Les hablo hoy con el corazon partido. Yo amo a mi hermano Luis, hoy y siempre...y voy a buscar justicia..."

"La policia que mata, que se valla a la carcel...mi lucha es con la injusticia."

The family is also represented by Burris in a wrongful death lawsuit

Public Defender Jeff Adachi spoke aloud the conclusion implied by the DA's refusal to prosecute SFPD killers, if not for murder, even for misdemeanor use of force.

The DA's decision is a warning to the black and brown communities that police officers will face no accountability.

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