Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The solution to homelessness is housing

San Franciscans gathered at St. John the Evangelist Church last night to listen to people who'd been made subjects of Acting Mayor Mark Farrell's latest round of the city's perennial game of "Hate the Homeless." People living on the streets have nowhere to go, but Farrell's minions can and do douse them with water, cut up their tents, confiscate their property -- and push them to the next block.

Farrell wants to be real-deal mayor. He's setting himself up to run in 2019 as the guy who solved homelessness. Without housing, cruelty is just cruelty.

Share documentation of the city's assault on the unhoused at SweepsWatch.


Rain Trueax said...

It's not as simple as just housing. Some would get a place to live and trash it. That's been reality. Some homeless are mentally disabled and can't maintain a normal lifestyle as well as those on drugs where they have become addicted and can't really live like others. I don't have an answer but the high cost of what used to be normal homes is part of the problem. In some areas, even if you already owned the home, unless you have a high income, you can't afford the taxes (thanks to property taxes nobody really owns their home). If those in the Bay area would move to Kansas, they could probably afford the rent but they don't want to live there. Tucson has some inexpensive areas but less and less. I feel like if people want to live somewhere, that's what is killing reasonable prices for homes. I don't have an answer but it won't be a simple one if they do come up with one. I read that some cities, where the laborers are in short supply, are offering money to those willing to move there. A few cities have built homes for the homeless but time will tell whether that works out as often housing developments end up dangerous as well as deteriorating due to lack of upkeep. It's not simple and I don't know how a government forces down the price of housing-- short of a countrywide depression maybe...

Anonymous said...

well said.

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