Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sign of a toxic brand

I know Republicans aren't popular around here, but apparently across the state, the GOP is dying. According to the centrist "nonpartisan, nonprofit" newsletter CALmatters:

Out of 2.6 million Californians who have registered to vote since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, [political consultant Mike Madrid] told me a mere 3.1 percent were Latinos who registered Republican. The stat shows how the largest segment of California’s population has turned against the GOP.

It surely does.


Rain Trueax said...

When you get a state with only one political agenda, will that be better than having differing views? Long term, it's hard to say how Hispanics will vote since most are Catholic and that means abortion matters also to them. Some have religious prejudices regarding gender. I don't think we are in a win/win time but more a lose/lose and even when some win, they find in the long run, they didn't...

janinsanfran said...

Rain -- since I live in a one party town, I can tell you your picture is not quite how it works. What happens when one party dominates is that the political fights take place within the one party. So we have "moderates" and "progressives." In a democracy, even a somewhat crippled one, politics don't disappear, they just assume different forms and people keep pulling and hauling for their various sides.

BTW -- California's Latinx population is a very diverse bunch -- and nowhere near all Catholic. And Catholics only listen to their bishops about politics when they agree with them. The bishops wish this weren't so, but it is.

Rain Trueax said...

On the Latinos, I have friends who are and do know they aren't all the same but the dems should equally not count on their votes as they aren't the same on the issues the left most wants either. I think as liberals have gone further left, they lose independents-- just as happens with the right when that happens. Most Americans are more to the middle while politicians are going more to the extremes because that's who supports them the most in the primaries and is out marching for causes. It is leaving us a divided country but not all left or right. It's really thirds. California though has gone very far to the left as a state, which is why it talks about seceding. Part of the country would love to see it go along with Oregon and Washington.

I have an online friend from California who is GOP but only one, the others are extreme left-- one of whom dropped me as a friend because I post what I do here-- a moderate view and it offended her a lot. Actually I've had several liberal friends online who did not want to hear what I thought because it didn't fit what they thought. I though got threats from a right wing friend during the primary and I dropped him. You are about the only place where I can post a viewpoint that differs and not have you tell me you no longer want me posting. I keep expecting that to happen someday as most with strong views really only want to hear what they already believe-- in my experience.

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