Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What are they hiding?

The Trump/Russia scandal/investigation/perversion of legal norms keeps growing new branches. Its complexities are more than anyone living a normal life has time to sort out.
This Center for American Progress video from their Moscow Project does a pretty good job of connecting some of the people and high points in the convoluted story.

For myself, I scarcely need the Mueller investigation to convince me that Trump was begging for illegal Russian help: I saw him live on TV asking the Russians to hack his opponent (who I didn't like much either). Everything else is just elaboration on the obvious.

Smart reporters are beginning to bring the threads together based on the most plausible motives for the ongoing crimes: the Trump crew is putting up the country for sale to whoever will pay them personally the biggest bribe. See for example: Oh, not all of them are solely about taking all they can from the candy store -- some are about hating on Black and brown people and polluting the land as much as fossil fuel barons want. But even those are corrupt.

Are we going to put up with this? Resist and protect much.


Rain Trueax said...

This is another story that reflects how divided this country is more than anything else for what people believe and hear. I heard a different time he said the joke and it was-- Russia if you did hack her emails could you release the deleted ones. The media would love it. It was roughly that. Last night I heard a Republican congressman from California go through the evidence for collusion as he saw it and none of it made sense to me as an independent. I don't think, and have said this many times, that russia impacted the election. They may have further divided people with more hate being stirred on each side. When two people can listen to the same words but interpret them differently, that makes it hard to ever want the same conclusions and that's where we are. Glenn Greenwald was also interviewed last night and he spoke about his concern being what it always has been-- the misuse of power by our own government and from when he released what Snowden had discovered years back. I link to The Intercept on my blog because i like how he will nail both sides and not just the right. I suspect most of the country only wants to hear what they already believe-- on both sides. It reaffirms they are right but it also keeps them from looking beyond one way of seeing things as to them (both sides) there is only one way. To be an independent in this world is to be condemned by both sides. I am not sure how many of us there are but it's a not a popular place to be as independents don't tend to gather together lol

janinsanfran said...

I don't know. If these Trumpists were so innocent, why do they lie about everything until forced to admit events, then make up story after story?

I remember well when Glenn Greenwald appeared on the scene as a civil liberties blogger. He was a big boost in that arena. But somewhere along the line, he allowed his bitterness/disillusionment to overwhelm his discerning sense. We can't do that. The Intercept has some good reporting, but I've stopped attending to Glenn.

Rain Trueax said...

The story there today you would like. He probably is disillusioned because he doesn't believe either side is good... kind of how i feel.

I have no idea about Russia and what anybody attempted but Obama said in October (when he was sure Hillary would win) that they might try but could not impact our election. I don't think they did. Hillary lost the election herself. Destroying her own emails made it look dicey. She didn't do it to hide wedding and yoga posts. Only a died in the wool liberal would believe that. A lot, like us, voted for her anyway but we sure never trusted her. It did seem suspicious that the FBI didn't demand to see the DNC emails that had been hacked by Russia (supposedly). Why let them off without checking? We know why with the texts and how they didn't want Trump and were on Hillary's side. That shouldn't be that way with the FBI, etc.

As for lying isn't there a saying-- how do you know when a politician is lying-- when they open their mouths. We have a very corrupt system and it's why many voted for Trump-- wanting an outsider. Most of them are still happy they did it. Time will tell. Trump though seems to be a sociopathic liar as he just doesn't care about the truth and on silly things as well as big ones.

Rain Trueax said...

dyed lol

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