Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday scenes and scenery: BART riders are readers!

These days, I commute on BART. Everyone should be so lucky.

I've been collecting cell phone portraits of my brother and sister passengers. Here are few of them, using their commute time for literate fun and perhaps self-improvement.

chinese-woman-w-bookL.jpg reader-w_-small-hatR.jpg

reading-L.jpg girl-doing-homeworkL.jpg

black-woman-white-woman-book-R.jpg reader2R.jpg

reader1L.jpg reading-manL.jpg

Yes, I took these snaps without alerting my subjects. I didn't steal their souls. I just hope they wouldn't mind.

1 comment:

Ronni Bennett said...

Heartening, in the age of Facebook, Twitter and texting to see all these folks reading books.