Saturday, July 02, 2016

Local media call for Homeless People Vivisection Week

Homeless people live in San Francisco; how can this be? The Chron called on local media to chime in. Some of resulting commentary has been truthful: see Tim Redmond on Why are so many people homeless...? at 48 Hills. Simply put, we've acquiesced in a city and a society which doesn't value providing housing (or any kind of decent life) for everyone. We are not all in this city together; if some people could throw some other people off a convenient cliff, they would. In fact they have.

While Walking San Francisco, I get to see a lot of how we try to drive away unhoused people.

We build barriers to sitting for those without chairs.

No leaning against that planter!

Don't try to grab a nap in a car ...

Or try to rest outside this clinic in the "wrong" hours. Apparently they've given up on suggesting an alternative. You are on your own.

Don't expect to be able to hang on to your property. This neat pile was built up by city workers about to take it away to wherever it is they go with homeless people's belongings. Actually Mission Local investigated: Property of San Francisco Homeless Routinely Disappeared by City.

Sometimes homeless people leave their own mark on the streets:

I'm still homeless. U sick people take and rob, rape, and plunder my nonexistant life. U R false hope.

My transcription and punctuation for clarity.


Brandon said...

It's similar to the actions taken in Honolulu.

Hattie said...

I always wonder about the backstory with homeless people. I'll bet a cookie it begins with family violence.
Seems at the very least SF could provide portapotties so homeless don't have to pee and crap on the sidewalk.Hilo manages to provide such facilities. Someone, I presume the County, even put up picnic tables at a popular gathering spot for homeless. But in guess SF is too poor to prove even the simplest amenities for the homeless.