Saturday, January 21, 2006

Anti-abortion ads on Bay Area subway

I had read about them but I didn't actually see them, that I know of, until this week.

On my way to not be on the jury (more when I get through with "jury duty" if the experience is interesting), across the subway car, about 8 feet away, I noticed the image at the left. It was just about as legible at that distance as it is here.

Naturally, I leaped to the conclusion it was an ad for an aerobics class.

Then I remembered the Chronicle story. Oh, it was the forced pregnancy people at work again.

Wonder what they think they are doing putting these up in the SF Bay Area where their point of view is marginal to say the least? They claim the ads are an "effective pro-life educational tool in our area, too." Doubt it, since they are illegible. This kind of advocacy advertising mostly serves to confirm to the faithful that they are not alone. The faithful know perfectly well that in this area, on this issue, they are alone.

The ads have managed to piss off some pro-choice women. Some have complained to Bay Area Rapid Transit for running them. That's silly -- we may need to pump up progressives about something some day; we need BART on record as allowing issue ads.

Oh the other hand, if some women are offended by the arrogance of a bunch of old Catholic guys in skirts trying to tell them what to do with their bodies, I imagine the signs won't survive very long. And the Chron confirms this has been the case. The forced pregnancy people are complaining about not getting value for their ad money. Try another city, guys.


Anonymous said...

Who's more of a fascist: the mainiacs screaming for you to leave "our" City, or peaceful people exercising their right to free speach by demonstrating to stop the killing of innocent life?

Anonymous said...

they want to fuck you raw and then make you have there little bastards I know it

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