Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Big brother wants me?

We are not paranoid lunatics if we think we are being followed. We are. We are being followed around the internets by the cookies dropped by advertising moguls who target messages to our interests.

This morning a newspaper offered me the image at right. Good shot guys; sure I'll look at a couple of pseudo-lesbians (ambiguously holding hands, maybe) who are plugging Weight Watchers.

I'm not even sure I mind. They actually have targetted my interests.

And since nobody can respond to all of the barrage of desirable frutits spread before us, we all develop better and better abilities to focus on what we want and tune out unwanted distractions (or people.)

I worry about the impenetrable shells we must grow of necessity to ward off even welcome messages from people who want to sell us something. This can't be good for us. It may even be worse for us that having a president with monarchical pretensions who makes up the law as he goes along.

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