Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dumb bowl ads

A downside to watching many hours of college football bowls is days of exposure to many hours of imbecilic ads. Here are my nominees for the worst.

How about the dopey fantasy of driving on the edge? I can tell you it is a bad ad because I couldn't remember what car company was selling me this vehicle.

Then there is the "it's the meers" girl. My partner says that child is going to be very embarrassed -- if hordes of irritated TV viewers allow her to grow up.

But here’s my nominee for the worst of all: meet a robot dumb enough to attack a truck that knocks its block head off. Are you blockheaded enough want the truck?

Mute is my friend.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, the ads are the ONLY reason I watch football (unless the Broncos are (strike that) were playing.

I haven't seen the latter two ads, but I have seen the first, a few times, and I still can't remember what car company it promotes.

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