Friday, January 12, 2007

NO to escalation (part 4)
Code Pink in San Francisco

Yesterday several hundred shivering people, mostly women, answered a call from Bay Area Code Pink to join a candlelight vigil on Market St. in San Francisco's financial district to protest Bush's "surge."

A few came representing their organizations...

...but more seemed to be individuals who very much wanted their message heard.

The M.C., Cynthia Papermaster, spoke of her hope for peace.

Meanwhile, Lindasusan moved quietly through the crowd, passing out business card size messages that she calls Seventeen Syllables for Peace. The haiku she handed me read:

Lies, lies, and more lies –
Have you no shame, Mr. Bush?
At long last, no shame?

You can read many more at the link above. I particularly like this one:

Whatever you do
May seem most small, Gandhi said,
But you must do it.

Part 1 here; part 2 here; part 3 here.


brown said...

Great to see someone who devoted his/her time to support the peace! :-)

Heather Flanagan said...

I think you would be interested in this video about Bernie Meyer who has traveled the world portraying Gandhi:

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