Saturday, January 27, 2007

Escalation brings out the peace movement

I took my own advice and attended San Francisco's antiwar march and rally today, despite not being sure I endorsed all the organizers. Who cares? I certainly endorsed the cause we all marched for: an end NOW to the US war in Iraq. The San Francisco Chronicle says there were 3-5000 of us on a dreary, drippy day on lower Market St. I would lean toward the higher number, perhaps even more. This was not some little demo -- there was a good, diverse, mostly serious crowd.

Protestors coming up the escalator from the BART (subway) station were met by this gentleman. His sign reads: "We are over your lies and tired of your bullshit, Bush."

Some thought it was time that for their votes to start making a difference.

Others took a very dim view of what party politics will do for us.

Mostly people milled around, finding the others they felt comfortable with. Powell and Market Streets is a lousy intersection in which to gather a crowd. There is nowhere for any large number of people to stand, so people spread out. That did have one advantage -- nobody could hear the speeches from the loudspeakers.

Eventually we got moving.

There were enough of us to fill Market Street.

Organized defenders of immigrants were out in force.

These young women look to be students.

Plenty of vets, some from this very war.

Various religious traditions walked together.

Peace marches are hungry work.

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