Thursday, January 11, 2007

NO to escalation (part 1)
Mountain View protest

At noon today about 75 people occupied the four corners of this Silicon Valley suburb's main intersection to let their neighbors know they want no part of President Bush's war in Iraq. The protest was called by the irrepressible Raging Grannies and joined by a mixed crowd of determined suburbanites.

Bush should have known better than to rouse these ladies.

Vets for Peace turned out as well.

I certainly hope that we don't look back at that "3017" next year and think: "how few that was..."

These women were proud of their sign...

...while these two gentlemen seemed more resigned to doing what they believed was required of them.

Peace protesters were not the only occupants of the intersection. They shared it with a couple of "regulars" who worked the median strips. Let us hope their take was a little better than usual from the unusual company.

Several hours later I drove by the intersection. The adjoining parking lot had mostly cleared out. In fact its seemed to have reverted to what appears to be its usual function: men waited, chatting among themselves, hoping for pick up work. They had not been visible during the protest.

I will upload photos from parts 2 through 5, representing four additional protests of Bush's Iraq escalation, as fast as I can get them ready.

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