Friday, January 12, 2007

NO to escalation (part 2)
Armed Forces Recruiting Center

A small, energetic picket line formed outside an Armed Forces Recruiting office in downtown San Francisco yesterday. I caught up with these folks after dashing in from the suburbs (part 1).

This episode of the yesterday's national howl of "NO" was sponsored by World Can't Wait. World Can't Wait is the "far left" of the antiwar movement. That's not a slam at them. I'm of an ecumenical school of thought that thinks we need a "far left," so we can have "soft left," so we can have liberals, so we can finally have Democrats, so someday we might even get to sensible Republicans. And the WCW folks certainly have a good slogan, though their more complex verbiage is a little tedious.

And these folks aren't going to let us forget the evils done by our rulers in our name. Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the Guantanamo concentration camp. Or perhaps I should say gulag as Amnesty International famously did, much to the distress of Bush sycophants.

Over at Civic Center sfmike has chronicled yesterday's activities in San Francisco led by Move-On (in my categorization, the liberals) and those wonderful, off the charts, pacifists who vigil at the Federal Building every Thursday.

Downtown, the office seemed to be closed, perhaps not surprisingly.

This upscale residential corner of downtown seemed an odd location for a recruiting office. Don't most folks who join up come from more ordinary neighborhoods? So I would have assumed. Wonder what they do in there.

There was a nice little park nearby for the local condo dwellers, complete with a statue of Gertrude Stein.

And her chows.

The other remarkable residents I met will get their own post someday.

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