Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beach exclusions

The authority controlling the beach is clear about who is allowed to use it. One has to assume the users who are allowed can read the rules for their mutts. (I wasn't one of those allowed users, but in early spring there was no one around to object to my passing through.)

The dogs' people must be the kind that always ask "why?" So here are the "whys." But I do have to wonder whether, in addition to these concerns, there might not also be the usual objections to stepping in shit.

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MadPriest said...

I can't see the problem about the dog feces. Surely all the swimmers will have already been killed by the blue green algae. Or is this some rare breed of blue green algae that only poisons dogs?

Me, I'd get my dog to leave a little pile of something under that sign.

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