Thursday, May 08, 2008

A candidate with an impeachment agenda

Brad Newsham is running for Congress against Barbara Lee. No, he's not exactly serious about it -- he's too good a guy for that.

But he's properly pissed off that Democrats haven't lifted a finger to impeach our law breaking rulers, so he's doing his bit.

His slogan:

"Tired of the old sham? Write in Newsham!"
(In the June 3 Democratic primary, District 9. Please.)

If I lived in the district, I'd do it.


Jane R said...

Dang, that's my old district!

I am now in a not so bad one, considering some of the other ones in the neighborhood. My Rep. is Brad Miller (D-NC). Our Senators, however, are another story. We did have Dems running for Liddy Dole's seat the other day, though...

janinsanfran said...

And you just lived through the primary...congratulations on completing that hurdle.

Our Brad is not exactly trying to defeat Barbara Lee -- but he's got a message and he's a remarkably pleasant and determined messenger who doesn't get all pompous about it all. Helps being a cab driver, I suspect.

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