Friday, May 30, 2008

McCain: is he really that bad?

Yes. Read all about it.

McCain says overturn the law that legalized abortion
He's all for taking the choice whether to have a child away from women.

McCain Defends Bush's Iraq Strategy
He thinks invading Iraq was a great idea.

McCain in NH: Would Be "Fine" To Keep Troops in Iraq for "A Hundred Years"
He thinks occupying Iraq forever would be great too.

Senate passes expanded GI bill despite Bush, McCain opposition
He thinks the only way to keep soldiers in the military (in Iraq?) is to deny them veteran's benefits.

John McCain Votes to Filibuster Minimum Wage Hike
Why should his rich buddies have to pay the help enough to live on? That's theft from the rich!

McCain economic policy shaped by lobbyist
He doesn't know much about economics, so he got a guy who lobbies for a Swiss bank that got over its head in bad mortgages to write an "economic policy" for him.

Bush, McCain plug Social Security
Sure, let's privatize Social Security. Good thing Bush and McCain didn't get away with this one before the economy went sour. A lot of people would be a lot worse off.

McCain blasts Obama’s and Clinton’s attacks on NAFTA
It was such a great idea to send U.S. jobs overseas while putting Mexican farmers out of business so they'd come here and work for less than minimum wage.

McCain: Bush right to veto kids health insurance expansion
After all, we can't afford to send sick kids to doctors -- we need your tax money for our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere else that pisses McCain off...

This list of articles comes from Chris Bowers of Open Left. He's urging people to set up enduring hyperlinks to them so as to ensure that they turn up when people search the web for information on McCain.

I'm happy to do my bit by posting the list here. The selection of articles is very good. And I'll then go on to my other concerns, in addition to defeating this warmonger in November.

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