Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Little noticed

War without end? British soldiers patrol a street in Helmand, Afghanistan (Reuters: Ahmad Masood)

Apparently the U.S. intends to take the Afghanistan war back from NATO. Next year the Pentagon plans to send 7000 additional troops, according to the New York Times last Saturday.

... the step would push the number of American forces there to roughly 40,000, the highest level since the war began more than six years ago, and would require at least a modest reduction in troops from Iraq. ...

The increasing proportion of United States troops, from about half to about two-thirds of the foreign troops in Afghanistan, would be likely to result in what one senior administration official described as “the re-Americanization” of the war.

Great. While one war lurches from irrational to absurd with a stop at criminal -- just what are our troops and Iraqis dying for anyway? -- another heats up. And rumors of yet another war swirl by.

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