Sunday, December 28, 2008



Gideon Levy writing in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz ...

The neighborhood bully strikes again
Within the span of a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, the IDF sowed death and destruction on a scale that the Qassam rockets never approached in all their years, and Operation "Cast Lead" is only in its infancy.

Once again, Israel's violent responses, even if there is justification for them, exceed all proportion and cross every red line of humaneness, morality, international law and wisdom. What began yesterday in Gaza is a war crime and the foolishness of a country. ...

The pictures that flooded television screens around the world yesterday showed a parade of corpses and wounded being loaded into and unloaded from the trunks of private cars that transported them to the only hospital in Gaza worthy of being called a hospital. Perhaps we once again need to remember that we are dealing with a wretched, battered strip of land, most of whose population consists of the children of refugees who have endured inhumane tribulations. ...

Hezbollah was not weakened as a result of the Second Lebanon War; to the contrary. Hamas will not be weakened due to the Gaza war; to the contrary. In a short time, after the parade of corpses and wounded ends, we will arrive at a fresh cease-fire, as occurred after Lebanon, exactly like the one that could have been forged without this superfluous war.

In the meantime, let us now let the IDF win, as they say. A hero against the weak, it bombed dozens of targets from the air yesterday, and the pictures of blood and fire are designed to show Israelis, Arabs and the entire world that the neighborhood bully's strength has yet to wane. When the bully is on a rampage, nobody can stop him.

Bullies commonly strike out when they fear their power is waning.

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Tina said...

of course the bully can be stopped. we kicked him out of lebanon in 2000. we made him loose face in 2006 and stopped him. you could do the same from the usa if you choose to. of course you can if you don’t give up.

the bully knows what he has done and is doing. but he is scared from the people he has been bullying. and the more he bullies the more he is scared. but like the lebanese, the palestinians know that they have no choice. they cannot give up because whatever they do, the zionist israelis will keep doing their best to get rid of them all because they are afraid of the people they have been mistreating for more than 6 decades now.

i wish you knew arabic in order to read/hear what michel aoun and hasan nasrallah are saying here in lebanon.

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