Thursday, October 01, 2009

Health care reform shorts: are they afraid it might work?

Guess this is an example of that Republican health care plan Rep. Grayson was talking about:

Poor parenting creates children at high risk of becoming serious criminals. A baby doesn't come with an instruction manual. Sending nurses to the homes of first-time mothers who are also poor and young can markedly improve the lives of their children and reduce their probability of being arrested by more than 25 percent.

That may be the most cost-effective crime-control program ever invented, since the cost of sending out the nurses is more than covered by reduced costs elsewhere in the health care system due to the fact that the children don't get sick as often. One provision of the current health care bill would promote such programs, but the Heritage Foundation opposes it as government intrusion into the family.

American Constitution Society

Emphasis added. Do they have buddies in the prison construction business or something?

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naomi dagen bloom said...

All of this stuff is pretty discouraging. So many of these folks seem beyond reason, beyond rational thought. On the one hand, I wish there were a new dialog/approach to reach them; on the other, I'm thinking my focus would best go toward support of candidates who will defeat the know-nothings in the Democratic Party. Might give us some clarity.

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